Updated 9/15/20 to reflect our actions in partnership for the 2020–21 school year.


Black lives matter. 

Instruction Partners stands in solidarity with Black communities and every individual and educator fighting for equity and racial justice.

We see and name the violence racism causes Black people in this country and we grieve the impact it has on the soul of our nation and our children’s future. We see and name the harmful role of racism in education and instructional decisions—affecting how we teach, what we teach, and who we teach—and consequently on Black children’s outcomes and opportunities. We see and name the racism and bias in ourselves and grieve the pain it has caused and continues to cause and the ways it limits our humanity and our impact.

Creating safety and liberty for Black Americans requires actions of change among all Americans, especially white Americans.

We deepen our commitment to dismantle racism in our organization, in our schools, in our country, and in ourselves.

To further advance the work we’ve undertaken over the past several years, we pledge to:

  • Update our mission, strategic plan, and core values to reflect our deepened commitment to antiracism.

  • Deepen our internal work to examine how racism and implicit bias show up in our organization and support our team members, particularly white staff, in becoming more conscious of the ways that racism affects our thought patterns and interactions.

  • Bring explicit focus on antiracism into our thought leadership and resource sharing and seek out expert voices to learn more about abolitionist teaching and the ways that racism shows up in schools.

  • Design our support for schools, and presently our COVID-19 frameworks and resources, with a more explicit focus on equity driven by understanding, setting goals around and meeting the needs of priority groups.

  • In our work with partners, look for and bring consciousness to inequity in instructional choices and impact; in community with our partners, learn how to deconstruct the racism that negatively impacts priority groups.

  • Learn more about the research and available curriculum on how students and educators, particularly white educators, can understand and counteract unconscious bias.

We pledge accountability to these actions. We hope you, and our children, will judge us by our follow through. We also commit to create spaciousness for additional conversation and ensuing action. This does not represent the end and these commitments will keep living as we learn more.

As part of our community, we ask you to join us in the work, hold us to these commitments, and call out ways we can do better in our work together.

In peace and with determination,

The staff of Instruction Partners with full support from all board members