Content Collaboratives

We believe that better student outcomes are possible when educators have access to professional learning opportunities that are rich with content, immersive, and collaborative.

That’s why we’re launching Content Collaboratives for educators who teach grades 3-5 in Memphis.  As part of these yearlong programs, we’ll dive deep into standards-based content with a focus on the ELA and math areas with which students struggle the most. We'll also provide educators the time they need to practice their curriculum via ongoing in-person and virtual sessions throughout the year designed to help revise and refine instructional practices.

Our goal is to deepen content and pedagogy knowledge to help teachers and students succeed and thrive in the classroom.

What participants get

  • A three-day intensive, in-person training session over the summer to uncover and practice strategies to tackle the ELA and math content with which students struggle the most

  • Two one-day, in-person sessions during the year (Oct. and Jan.) to refine and revise instructional approaches

  • Three virtual sessions to practice, network, and connect with peers

  • Substantial support throughout the course of the year

  • Ongoing connections with innovative peers and leaders throughout Memphis

How it’s different

Our existing Standards Bootcamps are designed to help prepare educators for the year to come. We’re building on that concept, combining the benefits of an intense summer session with a school year component. By doing so, educators will have additional opportunities to practice instructional strategies, ask questions, and bounce ideas off peers that might be facing similar challenges.

Trainings are content-specific and grade-banded. Educators may register for 3rd-5th grade ELA or 3rd-5th grade math. This year long program kicks off with a three-day intensive, in-person training session offered once in June and once in July. Participants should only register for one three-day summer session as the content in June and July will be identical. Educators may only participate in the math or ELA cohort as virtual and in-person sessions will occur simultaneously throughout the year.

Dates and locations

Memphis, Tennessee

  • June Three-day In-person Training

    • Date: June 25-27

    • Location: Gestalt Community Schools

  • July Three-day In-person Training

    • Date: July 10-12

    • Location: Compass Community Schools

Virtual Trainings dates are TBD.

The additional one-day in-person trainings will be school-based and held in October 2019 and January 2020.


There is no cost to Memphis charter schools or operators this year.


Registration is open on this website through June 7. System and school leaders will be able to register groups of teachers or individual educators may register themselves.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly. Contact us here.

[OPTIONAL] Join our pilot advisory council

We’re looking for eager participants that can bring innovative thinking and a unique perspective to help us build out what we hope will become a robust, multi-year professional development program. As part of our advisory council, we’ll rely on you for feedback about what works and what doesn’t.  We’d love for you to join other district and school leaders, and educators to provide insight and feedback on our direction. Interested? Contact us here.