Core Values

At Instruction Partners, we believe in living out our Core Values every day.


We are optimists: We believe that every student can succeed and that educators, with the right supports, can lead them to success. We aren’t scared of challenges, but have the courage and sense of possibility to overcome obstacles while holding high expectations and maintaining a sense of possibility for students, educators, and ourselves.


We are learners: We know there are always ways to improve. We believe our long-term success is a result of how well we learn. We seek to understand the best of what is known, we reflect on successes and challenges and we always look for ways we can grow.


"Our partners count on us to provide and guide them with the latest information in our field. I strive to continue to learn from the top researchers and practicians in my field of study and bring that knowledge to our partners."

Brian Dean, Math Lead


We are relentless: We pursue excellence by setting ambitious goals, working hard to overcome obstacles and boldly trying new things to ensure each student learns at a high level.


“We know that too many students are ill-prepared to live the lives they hope for. Leaders and teachers are working incredibly hard to set students up for success--in the next grade, in postsecondary pathways, and in whatever they want they want to do down the road. We want to match our partners' relentlessness and sense of urgency. Like them, we believe it's possible that every student, in every classroom, gets the education they deserve.”

Bryan Hearn, Managing Director of Instructional Support


We are big-hearted: We care deeply about each other and our work, and we know we can accomplish more together than alone. At all times, we communicate with kindness and empathy. We value diverse perspectives and honor individuality. We operate with no egos.


We are practical: We believe support should be thoughtful by meeting people, schools, and districts where they are. We look for ways to work smart, focus on the most relevant impact, and reduce friction to make it easier to take action.


“My work involves ensuring that the finances are used in the best way possible and recorded correctly; which will not only help to fulfill our mission but to also receive funding in the future.”

Suzette Johnson, Staff Accountant


We are direct: We honor each other by being honest, even when it is difficult. We are straightforward about what we know and what we do not. Our respectful directness allows us to align our relationships and conversations toward our shared goals.


“When I say we are direct, I intentionally try to communicate that we are going to be brutally honest in the most sincere way possible. I promise our partners that I will always be honest with them, even when what I have to say may be rough to hear from their end of the table... Children's lives are at stake. When it comes down to it, that is all that matters, and we have to respect the adults these kids are going to become by being direct about their education now.”

John Prince, Director of Instructional Support

We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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