Florida Standards Bootcamps - Content Coach Information

Logistics Information for Content Coach Training #2

  • Location: 
    • Doubletree by Hilton at the Entrance to Universal Studios (5780 Major Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819)
  • Schedule:
    • Saturday, June 2 9:00am - 5pm ET
    • Sunday, June 3 8am - 3pm ET
  • Lodging and travel reimbursement:
    • Information about lodging and travel reimbursements was emailed to you from flstandardsbootcamps@instructionpartners.org. If you have any questions, please reply to that email. 


When and where are Bootcamps?

You can find all the details of when and where Bootcamps are hosted, including exact school locations, here.

How can I share information with my school or district about Bootcamps?

You can share this Bootcamps flyer. You can also email flstandardsbootcamps@instructionpartners.org if there is someone in particular we should reach out to.

Where do people register for Bootcamps?

Registration is here and lives under this page on our website.

When will I find out where I am assigned?

Regional assignments will be sent after you complete the second in-person training. You’ll be provided information on where you will be facilitating; this will include the region and school location. All assignments are based on participant registration, which closes on May 29. Assignments will be sent out by June 4.

What days will I work this summer?

Florida Standards Bootcamps dates are:

  • June 19-20
  • June 21-22
  • July 17-18
  • July 19-20

You can see when your domain will be offered on this flyer.


As we approach our second in-person training, we want to make sure you understand and feel good about the critical role you have in Bootcamps. In this communication, we have laid out best practices for preparation as well as logistical information on regional assignments.

This journey is exciting, hard, demanding, and most importantly, game-changing for our teachers. The work you are undertaking will impact your own practice, your participants’ practice, and student learning. As a facilitator, you have already had the opportunity to push your thinking and deepen your understanding of the Standards. During Bootcamps sessions, you’ll provide this same opportunity to teachers across your state. Over these next few weeks, it is important that you stay focused on the mission and aware of the major next steps for your role.

Best Practices & Feeling Confident to Facilitate

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.  — Arthur Ashe

With the start date of 2018 Standards Bootcamps fast approaching, as a Content Coach, you are possibly feeling both excited and nervous at the prospect of facilitating. We at Instructions Partners are collaborating with Bootcamps content developers and Grade Leads to ensure Content Coaches have the resources, training, and support needed for successful facilitation.

  • Content developers are meeting with Grade Leads now through May 1 to review recent Bootcamps content updates and facilitator notes and to discuss a Bootcamps content internalization guide created by Instruction Partners. During the week of May 7, Grade Leads will replicate that training with Content Coaches—be on the lookout for a related email from your Grade Lead.
  • Additionally, in preparation for the second in-person Content Coach training, Instruction Partners will convene Grade Leads on May 8 to discuss characteristics of excellent facilitation, walk through the facilitation guide and rubric, and preview the structure of the in-person Content Coach training.

To prepare for facilitation, we recommend the following strategies:

  • Upon receiving the internalization guide and updated Bootcamps content from your Grade Lead the week of May 7, apply the guide to your grade-level Bootcamps content.
  • In revisiting Bootcamps tasks, consider new approaches and conclusions.
  • Correlate Bootcamps tasks to state-specific standards. Determine how a standard matches the task.
  • Practice with students on grade-level Bootcamps tasks.
  • While the internalization guide includes facilitation best practices, remember to hone in on these:
    • Establish a supportive and rigorous culture: Create a safe space for productive struggle, yet hold a high bar for responses.
    • Push for precision in responses: Have ideal answers and a strong grasp of common misconceptions in mind as you present the Bootcamps tasks. Ask probing questions and guide learners toward precise responses. Keep the work and thinking on the learners.

Finally, you represent the best and brightest in K–12 education. Your excellent facilitation has the potential to be far-reaching in terms of both teacher and student impact. As a Content Coach, approach that awesome opportunity boldly, confidently, and with solid preparation.

Regional Assignments

Regional assignments will be sent after the completion of the second in-person training.  You’ll be provided information on where you will be facilitating; this will include the region and school location. All assignments are based on participant registration. Bootcamps registration will close on May 29. Assignments will be sent out by June 4.

Content Coach Timeline

You’ve received a lot of information over the past few months so we thought we’d help by providing you with a visual of what you’ve already experienced and will experience in the coming months!

Click here to view the Content Coach timeline.