Florida School Improvement Network

School improvement work can be a grueling and frustrating process. At times, schools can become bogged down in the work and lose sight of the finish line while existing within the bubble of the district. By connecting the schools and districts through a network of others working toward similar goals, we can benefit from collaboration and leverage the shared resources.

The School Improvement Network is a small network of three high schools selected from the Heartland Educational Consortium, the North East Florida Educational Consortium, and the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium regions. The focus of the Network is to dive deeper into the work of school improvement through a commitment to teacher content knowledge, instruction, coaching, leadership, and overall systems.

Criteria for interested high schools

  • Located within the Heartland Educational Consortium, the North East Florida Educational Consortium, or Panhandle Area Educational Consortium region
  • Commitment to improving instructional opportunities for all students
  • 80% or more of the students enrolled are eligible for free or reduced-price meals (community exemption schools eligible)
  • In year 1 or 2 of implementing intervention and support strategies pursuant to FS.1008.33 (c)(4)(a)
  • Risk factor analysis indicates areas of concern in 3 or more of the following:
    • Teacher attendance
    • Teacher vacancies
    • Teacher experience
    • Discipline
    • Student attendance
    • Student retention/grade
  • Performance data is 10 or more points below state average on two or more of the following:
    • Algebra EoC
    • Geometry EoC
    • ELA FSA Level 3 or higher
    • ELA FSA Level 3 or higher
    • Learning gains of the lowest 25% (math)
    • Learning gains of the lowest 25% (ELA)


  • Individual school and district support
  • Networked learning


Spring 2018:

  • Kick-off meeting of the network 
  • Curriculum and assessment alignment review
  • Planning and support to provide schools with strategies to implement systems for monitoring the quality and alignment of instruction, analyzing student work, and providing timely and effective feedback

Summer 2018:

  • Florida Standards Bootcamps (ELA/math) (8 seats per school) 
  • Leadership and Coach Collaboratives (in-person follow-up meetings)

School Year 2018-19:

  • On-site support
    • IPG walkthroughs with district and school leaders with follow-up report and planning session (3 per year)
    • Leadership support (weekly check-ins with principal) 
    • Leadership/coach feedback (2 additional on-site coaching days per quarter) 
  • Leadership and Coach Collaboratives (2 in-person gatherings during school year) 
  • Virtual support
    • Leadership collaboratives (2 virtual meetings per year)


  • Audience: High schools committed to improving instruction and overall systems located in the consortia regions.
  • Cost: The financial investment for each school is $16,000. The total cost of participation is $46,000 per school; however, the remaining $30,000 per school is paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.