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Our Indiana Standards Bootcamps were three-day intensive summer trainings offered in both math and ELA for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grade bands, focused on the most challenging standards for each content area. We offered them on June 26-28 and July 17-19, 2018. Thanks to all who attended!

To access materials from 2018 sessions, click here.

What participants thought

“I liked doing the math in the K-2 session, as well as seeing how the standards are aligned from K-2, and making sure to align instruction to standards and rigor.” - June Indianapolis Standards Bootcamps participant

“Breaking down of the standards and comparing the wording to the grades above and below was the most beneficial to me. It gave me a better understanding of how to adequately address every part of each standard.” - June Indianapolis Standards Bootcamps participant

“This PD has made me think more and dig deeper into my lessons and task that I will get to my students! I am so excited and ready to adopt all of these skills I have learned these three days into myself, lesson plans and in the class! I am so excited for my growth.” - July Indianapolis Standards Bootcamps participant

“The Bootcamps were exemplary because they encouraged teachers to anticipate misunderstanding, unlike most professional developments. I enjoyed working on the problems and discussing different approaches to the problems with my colleagues. It was great also to see some of the implications of Algebra 1 for my job as an Algebra 2 teacher.” - July Indianapolis Standards Bootcamps participant

2018 Indianapolis Standards Bootcamps were made possible by the generous support of The Mind Trust.