Indianapolis Instructional Improvement Collaborative 


The Instructional Improvement Collaborative is a series of 13 half-day sessions that focus on systematic instructional improvement in ELA and math at both the school and network levels by identifying effective practices that drive rigorous and aligned instruction. Participants will develop their expertise while collaborating with fellow educators to build a community that can share practices across systems.  

The Collaborative will be anchored around these essential questions:

  • How can leaders create the conditions and support structures to help teachers deliver excellent instruction using high-quality curricular materials?

  • Considering the expectations of ILEARN, what should be monitored and adjusted to ensure strong academic outcomes for students?

  • How do we build a community of Indianapolis practitioners who can share best practices and learn from one another to support student achievement across schools?


During each Collaborative, participants will engage in a series of experiences to sharpen their vision of excellent instruction and refine their practices aligned to improving the instructional core. The Collaborative will also include opportunities for participants to engage in problem-solving of common challenges being experienced across schools and networks.  

Participants should be willing to share their experiences, artifacts, and problems of practice at each gathering so our work can be grounded in the practical realities of your schools and networks.  


The Instructional Improvement Collaborative is designed to support system-level instructional leaders who are charged with improving student achievement at an individual school or within a network of schools, as well as coaches and those who are responsible for instruction and implementation at the school level.  


We will host 13 half-day Collaborative meetings over the course of the year. Each session will target a specific audience of educators; however, all are welcome to attend any session that addresses a particular need within their school/network. The series will begin in September and follow a coherence of topics that are sequenced to build capacity. All Collaboratives will be held from 8:30-11:30am. A light breakfast will be provided! These sessions are generously supported by The Mind Trust.

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  • Session 2: Instructional Core and Instructional Practice Guide

    • Description: Participants will review the research of Dr. Richard Elmore and his analysis of each component of the instructional core. They will engage in a learning experience grounded in the Instructional Practices Guide (IPG) and the observation protocol. By the end of a norming day, participants should have a solid handle on how to use the IPG, including knowing what evidence to look for in rooms as well as how the IPG could be included in their current structures of observation. This session is content-specific (attend either the ELA or math session).

    • Date: October 23, 2019

    • Audience: Building Administrators and Coaches

    • Location: Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School, 3960 Meadows Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46205

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  • Session 3: Vision for Instruction

    • Description: The first half of this session aims to bring Indianapolis leaders together to develop a shared understanding of the state of teaching and learning in Indianapolis schools, learn about what is working to move the needle on student outcomes, and reflect on the conditions and assets in place and needed to move the work forward. This session is not content-specific.

    • Date: November 13, 2019

    • Audience: Network/Building Administrators

    • Location: TBD

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  • Session 4: Goals and Assessments

    • Description: This day is designed for leaders implementing ELA and/or math curriculum in their schools. Whether adopting a new curriculum or looking to tighten up the implementation of a current curriculum, this series will be anchored in the bigger picture to provide clarity on how to set goals for implementation, identify clear roles for progress monitoring, and determine how to step back and adjust if necessary. This session is not content-specific.

    • Date: November 20, 2019

    • Audience: Building Administrators and Coaches

    • Location: TBD

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  • Session 5: Coaching and Planning

    • Description: This session provides an opportunity for leaders and coaches to take a mid-year step back to reflect upon their current coaching and development practices. Participants will reflect on progress toward meeting goals and challenges identified in implementation to drive their second semester coaching work. This session is not content-specific.

    • Date: January 8, 2020

    • Audience: Building Administrators and Coaches

    • Location: TBD

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  • Session 6: ILEARN (Two-Day Session)

    • Description: Participants will take a deep dive into ILEARN and dig into understanding how the instructional shifts play out in the assessment to begin adjusting expectations. This session will also allow participants to engage directly with the test questions in order to reflect critically upon all currently used assessments—focusing on pacing, alignment, purpose, frequency, and quality. This session is content-specific (attend either the ELA or math session).

    • Date: February 12, 2020; February 19, 2020 (participants must attend both days)

    • Audience: Building Administrators and Coaches

    • Location: TBD

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  • Session 7: End-of-Year Stepback and Preparing for Summer

    • Description: The final session will engage participants in an end-of-year stepback to reflect upon progress toward meeting goals. Leaders will celebrate successes and identify where they were off track. This session will allow leadership teams the time and space to revise goals and identify next steps for summer planning and teacher development. This session is not content-specific.

    • Date: April 23, 2020

    • Audience: Administrative Instructional Leadership Teams

    • Location: TBD

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