Middle School Coaching Pilot

Strengthening Content Knowledge and Teacher Coaching in Middle School ELA & Math

OVERVIEW: Middle School Coaching Pilot

Education is the gatekeeper for economic opportunity and freedom. Students who complete postsecondary education have lower unemployment, higher earning potential, and, ultimately, lower incarceration rates. Unfortunately, too many students are not graduating ready for postsecondary success. Less than 30% of 8th graders in Florida are proficient in reading and math on the NAEP assessment. We know that these rates can be changed and that rigorous daily instruction is the key to improvement. Instruction Partners and UnboundEd, two organizations committed to educational equity and instructional excellence, are working together to support districts in Florida to strengthen daily instruction. We are seeking districts who share this commitment to partner with us in the Middle School Coaching Pilot, which is dedicated to improving the rigor and quality of daily instruction in middle schools by growing the number of teachers and instructional coaches who deeply understand the standards and how to shift instruction.

The Middle School Coaching Pilot will support a cohort of middle school math and ELA “Content Coaches” to become expert in the standards and build their instructional capacity and coaching skills to support instructional change among teachers. Content Coaches, who may hold a variety of school or district leadership roles such as school or district instructional coach, assistant principal, or teacher leader, will be trained to deliver UnboundEd’s June Standards Institute to teachers in their districts and will engage in cycles of professional learning to strengthen their ability to observe classrooms and provide feedback to teachers. Districts will pay a per-Content Coach contribution to offset expenses, but this pilot is underwritten by support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

For more information about the Middle School Coaching Pilot, including key dates and cost, read the following overview:

OVERVIEW: Middle School Coaching Pilot