Who We Are

Instruction Partners is a team of educators guided by a simple vision: you should be able to walk into any classroom and see students engaged in the kind of challenging, inspiring, and supportive learning that will open doors and help them reach their full potential. We believe this vision can be a reality for every child, in every classroom, in every school, in every district.

We know this is possible because we’ve seen instruction transformed. Our work was born in Tennessee as part of the TNCore effort that helped student learning grow at historic rates on NAEP. We saw how hungry teachers and leaders are to help their students learn, and how - when given the right support - educators can improve instruction quickly so students learn more.


Our Team

Our Board

Our Content Coaches and Grade Leads

Content Coaches are full-time educators who work with Instruction Partners part-time to facilitate professional development offerings, such as Standards Bootcamps. They understand the challenges educators experience firsthand, and have received extensive training in their content area and in facilitation. To join our team,  they underwent a competitive selection process.

Grade Leads are full-time educators who work with Instruction Partners part-time to manage Content Coaches and help lead the facilitation of our professional development offerings. They have extensive experience leading teachers and working with educators at all levels, and underwent a competitive selection process to join our team.