Curriculum Support Guide

Curriculum Support Guide

High-quality curriculum can be a game-changer, but - ask any educator - it takes more than a box of books to translate great materials into great instruction.

Following two years of action research in the field with school systems as they struggled and succeeded, we found:

  • The most common implementation problems that arose were consistent regardless of which curriculum systems selected.

  • We learned that the common pitfalls are avoidable. The districts who succeeded engaged in a comprehensive series of replicable actions that set them apart.

Mapping those actions led us to create a framework, which evolved into the Curriculum Support Guide.

  • A practical approach for busy system leaders, the Guide includes insights based on real best practices from real school systems.

  • The website, the resources, and the workbooks - all the tools - are licensed CC-BY. That means you can customize the content and use as you see fit, as long as you note that you sourced the original material from Instruction Partners