Roundup: December 2016


"Have Gender Gaps in Math Closed? Achievement, Teacher Perceptions, and Learning Behaviors Across Two ECLS-K Cohorts" from AERA

  • The gender gap has been discussed for ages - is it getting any better? New research says no. The gender gap in math consistently develops in early grades, with boys being identified as high-achieving at a much higher rate than girls. This study argues girls’ early math learning experiences deserve more careful attention from teachers.


"Vocabulary and the Common Core" by David Liben and Student Achievement Partners

  • This research paper includes an overview of the research base in teaching vocabulary as well as implications for practice. It touches on the relationship between text complexity and vocabulary as well as tiered vocabulary words. Four practice exercises for teachers, coaches, and school leaders to use in PD are also included!


Instructional Resources From The Network  

  • Mathalicious is a great resource for middle and high school real-world math lessons. Organized by grade and unit and tagged by standard, these lessons have been reviewed by our math folks for alignment and help push conceptual thinking and real world application in math classrooms.


  • For districts seeking ways to support struggling readers with on-grade level text, Student Achievement Partners has a quick guide that can help. This guide specifically digs into strategies like supporting vocabulary instruction, how to use guided annotations and how to plan scaffolding questions. It’s a good resource to share with teachers and leaders who want to have students read grade level texts but are nervous about leaving students behind.


D2D Happenings

  • Check out our Events page - we have some exciting upcoming events including Network Meetings and IPG Norming Days.
  • We are also kicking off a virtual Algebra I Teacher Support Network in January, available to any district across states. Registration is open - register your teachers here.

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