When teachers know the expectations for students, they can help their students reach that bar. Organizing grade- and subject-specific support is hard within one district but a common need across district lines. The Standards Bootcamps are two-day, deep-dive trainings offered in math and ELA at every grade level, focused on the most challenging content of the grade.


Educators are working hard to help students meet a higher bar of excellence in the classroom, but even with a set of rigorous academic standards, knowing how to help students isn’t always clear.

Similarly, district and school leaders are doing their part to support teachers, but doing so for every content area and every grade level presents challenges on capacity and breadth of knowledge.  

At Instruction Partners, we have seen that when teachers are deeply clear on what students need to know and be able to do, they can help students reach these high expectations. But gaining that deep understanding requires support.

Thankfully, when great educators come together to learn, we can pool our collective knowledge to support each other. When that happens, teachers can raise the bar in their classrooms, while making sure students are learning what they are teaching. This is why we created Standards Bootcamps.

What Participants Thought

“I am bringing home materials I can actually use in my grade level. I loved that every ounce of my time spent pertained to my grade level.”

“My favorite part of Bootcamps is the communication that we are able to have with each other and learning a lot from other teachers.”

“I also was thankful that our presenter was a 5th grade math teacher. He knew exactly what we go through in our classrooms each day and gave incredible feedback for how we can use certain strategies.”