Standards Bootcamps are two-day, deep-dive trainings offered in math and ELA at every grade level, focused on the most challenging content of the grade. In 2018, we offered them in Tennessee June 19-22 and July 10-13, and in Florida June 19-22 and July 17-20. Thanks to all who attended! Information about 2019 Standards Bootcamps will be shared this winter.

To access materials from 2018 Florida sessions, click here.

To access materials from 2018 Tennessee sessions, click here.

What Participants Thought

“I think Bootcamps is going to make an impact on my teaching. Seeing the standards in a brighter and deeper light gives us as teachers a more thorough understanding.”- Leslie Sparks, Florida Standards Bootcamps participant

“Everyone here is so knowledgeable. Our instructor has real classroom experience—she has been in our shoes, which makes me more apt to listen.” - Kira Updike, Tennessee Standards Bootcamps participant

“We were able to spend a lot more time really collaborating with the smaller group setting. We were working through these super open-ended tasks that were awesome because we were working through them through the mindset of the students. Then, we were able to think about how they fit back into our classrooms.” - Stacey Marshall, Florida Standards Bootcamps participant