Summer Bootcamps

The Challenge

Each year, we observe hundreds of classrooms and find that, on average, fewer than 20% align to the standards we expect students to meet. As a result, 60-70% of students nationwide are not mastering grade level standards in ELA and math, as measured by NAEP.

The Opportunity

Despite working hard, instruction is often not at the level of rigor that the standards demand. We believe that for teaching to improve and to better prepare students for the state and national assessments and beyond, we need to reimagine support for educators.

Our Solution: A Focus on Content

We provide a new kind of training that offers targeted, role-, content-, and grade-specific support. The goal of Bootcamps is to strengthen educator understanding of the standards and underlying content in order to ensure that students consistently receive on-grade level instruction. 

Bootcamps are not just for teachers. Educators in a variety of roles benefit from a deep dive into a focused topic, grounded in content. We also offer Bootcamps for instructional coaches, principals, and Chief Academic Officers/academic supervisors. Examples include a one-day deep dive for academics supervisors with their peers to learn about and discuss grading practices, or a four-day training on foundational reading instruction for elementary principals..

2017 Summer Bootcamps Materials

ELA Materials

Grade 3, Reading: Informational
Grade 4, Reading: Informational
Grade 5, Reading: Informational
Grade 6, Reading: Informational
Grade 7, Reading: Informational
Grade 8, Reading: Informational
Grade 9, Reading: Informational
Grade 10, Reading: Informational
Grade 11, Reading: Informational

Math Materials

Grade 3, Fractions as numbers (3.NF)
Grade 4, Fractions as decimals (4.NF)
Grade 5, Multiply and divide fractions (5.NF.B)
Grade 6, Equations and inequalities (6.EE.B-C)
Grade 7, Expressions and equations (7.EE.A-B)
Grade 8, Functions (8.F)
Algebra I & II, Interpret & analyze functions (F.IF.B-C)
Geometry, Similarity - Right Triangles - Trigonometry (G.SRT)