Content Coach Information & Application

Would you like to deepen your knowledge of the standards and expectations alongside other great teachers from across the state? Serving as a Content Coach is a great opportunity for professional growth and development, and the Instruction Partners team works side by side with our coaches to provide ongoing support throughout Bootcamps. You will also build your network of other excellent, passionate educators from across the state.

Who can be a Content Coach?

Content Coaches are current or very recent expert educators (either classroom teachers or instructional coaches) in the grade and content area they coach. We are seeking educators who know their content deeply, have a strong command and understanding of the rigor and expectations of the standards, and are passionate about helping other teachers. Ideally, Content Coaches will have taught for several years in the content area and grade level and have experience in leading professional development or other learning experiences for adults.

As a Content Coach, you can expect:

  • Deep, personal learning around the focus domains
  • To have your thinking and understanding of the content and standards challenged
  • Training to strengthen knowledge and skill in facilitating adult learning
  • To work directly with teachers to build their understanding of the standards and the underlying content
  • To build your network of passionate, committed educators from across the state

We are seeking a cohort of Content Coaches in each grade level and focus domain in the table below.

Grade ELA Math
K Reading: Informational Text Counting and Cardinality
1 Reading: Informational Text Numbers and Operations in Base 10
2 Reading: Informational Text Numbers and Operations in Base 10
3 Reading: Informational Text Writing & Language Fractions Numbers and Operations in Base 10
4 Reading: Informational Text Writing & Language Fractions Numbers and Operations in Base 10
5 Reading: Informational Text Writing & Language Fractions Numbers and Operations in Base 10
6 Reading: Informational Text Writing & Language Expressions and Equations Number System and Number Relationships
7 Reading: Informational Text Writing & Language Expressions and Equations Number System and Number Relationships
8 Reading: Informational Text Writing & Language Functions Number System and Expressions and Equations
9 & Algebra Reading: Informational Text Writing & Language Interpreting Functions Quadratics
10 & Geometry Reading: Informational Text Writing & Language Similarity, Right Triangles, and Trigonometry Congruence
11 Reading: Informational Text Writing & Language


  • Deep belief in the ability of all students to meet high expectations
  • Passion for supporting teachers through building their knowledge of the standards and skills for teaching
  • 3+ years of experience as a teacher or instructional coach in the selected content area, ELA or math, with a record of success improving student learning
  • Deep understanding of the math or ELA standards, assessments, and instructional strategies and implications
  • Experience leading adult learning experiences
  • Detail orientation, organization, and follow-through
  • Strong oral and written communication skills


To prepare to serve as a Content Coach during Bootcamps this summer, you will engage in virtual meetings during spring 2018, as well as two 2-day in-person trainings. During the first of these trainings, you will first engage with the content deeply as a learner to challenge your own understanding and practice. In the second training, you will turn your attention to preparing to lead the training experience for your peers. These trainings will also provide an opportunity for you to network with other great teachers.

  • Feb-March: Virtual meetings
  • April 7-8: Content Coach Training 1 (Nashville area)
  • May 30-31: Content Coach Training 2 (Nashville area)


Standards Bootcamps will take place regionally in host schools across the state. Content Coaches should be available to facilitate training sessions for their peers both June 19-22 and July 17-20.


Instruction Partners will cover all travel expenses to in-person training and facilitation for Content Coaches. Selected Content Coaches will earn $500 per day for in-person facilitation and $50 per hour for virtual work, such as reviewing and providing feedback on participant learning checkpoints. Content Coaches can expect to earn up to $2,500.

Content Coaches are part-time, contract positions. All work for these contract positions can be done outside of regular school hours, in the evenings, weekends, or over the summer. Facilitation opportunities may vary depending on enrollment.

What have others said about being a Content Coach?

“Being a Content Coach at Instruction Partners has been very impactful to my current role as the elementary math specialist in my district…It has also deepened my understanding of the standards by requiring me to dive deep... This increased depth of understanding has allowed me to do my job more efficiently.” – Susan, Former Content Coach

“I have been lucky enough to have participated with Instruction Partners in many different facets, and with each way that I have worked with them, I have been able to see changes in understanding for the teachers which lead to a change in practice.  Although that is enough reason to continue to work with Instruction Partners; however, the bigger impact has been on the education of students.  As long as this work continues to improve the learning of all students, then I will continue to be a part of the organization.” – Amanda, Former Content Coach

“Being a Content Coach challenged me to think about curriculum and instruction in completely new ways.  Teachers often only engage with content as facilitators and classroom instructors; however, during our work with the content development at Instruction Partners, we engaged with the content as learners.  This opened my eyes to think more seriously about how students learn and approach their learning.” – Christopher, Former Content Coach