Tennessee Bootcamps Overview


Teachers and leaders are working hard to help students meet a higher bar of excellence in the classroom, but even with a set of rigorous academic standards, knowing how to help students get there isn’t always clear.

Similarly, district and school leaders are doing their part to support teachers, but doing so for every content area and every grade level presents huge challenges of capacity and breadth of knowledge.  

And at Instruction Partners, we have seen that when teachers are deeply clear on what students need to know and be able to do, they can help students reach these high expectations. But getting deeply clear on the content requires support.


Thankfully, when educators work together, they have the knowledge, skill, and capacity they need to help make sure every teacher has the support they need in learning the standards. When that happens, teachers can raise the bar in their classrooms, while making sure students are learning what they are teaching. This is why we created Bootcamps.

Standards Bootcamps are two-day intensive trainings offered in math and ELA at every grade level, focused on the content of the two most challenging domains. (These domains were identified using data from state assessments and from reflections from educators on the areas they want the most help.) The cost is $650 per participant per Bootcamp.

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We design these days for any and all teachers: Seasoned veterans who want to dig into a specific standard that they found particularly challenging to teach, new teachers who are learning the standards for the first time, or teachers who are learning a new content area.

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Bootcamps are led by Content Coaches. Content Coaches are current or very recent expert educators. They have received extensive training in their content and have gone through a competitive selection process and credentialing.

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Standards Bootcamps last for two days each, and are offered in both June and July.

Tennessee Standards Bootcamps Dates:

  • June 19-20
  • June 21-22
  • July 10-11
  • July 12-13


Registration for all Standards Bootcamps will be available online and will open on this website on January 17, 2018. District and school leaders will be able to register groups of teachers or individual educators may register themselves.


We partner with school districts to host Bootcamps regionally at local schools. Our goal is to offer training events within a two-hour drive of any teacher in the state. We’re currently looking for partner districts who might be interested in hosting a Bootcamp in their district.

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So far, our participants have found great value in Bootcamps. 92 percent of participants said that they agreed or strongly agreed that the training was a valuable use of time. Check out what other teachers are saying about their experience attending standards Bootcamps in the past.

Quotes from attendee surveys after 2017 Bootcamps:

“[After attending the training, I have a better] understanding the standards and I am bringing home materials I can actually use in my grade level. I loved that every ounce of my time spent pertained to my grade level.”

“Having a training coach with exceptional expertise and leading such a deep series of tasks involving summarizing, central idea, vocabulary, evidence citing, word use,and text features along with pulling apart standards above and below grade level with such rigor proved to be an exceptional learning experience that will help me along with my team teachers to better prepare students to face the challenges faced in 3rd grade. Also, another beneficial part of the Bootcamp was collaborating with grade-level teachers over complex informational texts and having guidance from our Bootcamp coach in this area.”

“Diving deep into the content was helpful to see the varied strategies. I also found clarity in teaching specifically the way the standard is written. This was often found through discussion of the completed tasks. I also was thankful that our presenter was a fifth-grade math teacher. He knew exactly what we go through in our classrooms each day and gave incredible feedback for how we can use certain strategies.”

“I would love to be able to attend another bootcamp on other standard clusters.”

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