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In-person training: April 13, 2019

Standards Bootcamps: June 11-12, 2019 and July 16-17, 2019


Update 11/21/18


The highlights of 2020 Standards Bootcamps

  • 3 day deep dive sessions in the summer with virtual meetings 3-4 times over the course of the year: Participants are eager to stay connected to their community throughout the school year and to dig deeper into the content. As we move to address more content - including addressing misconceptions and helping all students meet the shifts of the standards - we want to extend the summer learning time and give a bridge to practice throughout the school year. The virtual sessions will allow teachers to reground themselves in the work through student work analysis and reflect on the challenges of implementing what they learned over the summer in their classroom.

  • Integration of student work analysis: School year sessions will integrate student work from teachers’ classrooms to give them the chance to analyze student learning from the focus standards during the summer. This will help teachers make connections between summer learning and daily teaching practice.

  • Grade banded content: Because we are adding a dimension around addressing misconceptions and helping all students achieve the standards, grade banding will allow teachers to learn about the standards that come before and after their grades. This will deepen their understanding of rigor and coherence, as well as allow them to think about how to better meet the needs of all kids.

  • ELA: Reading Informational Text w/Integrated Writing (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12)

  • Math: K-2 (NBT), 3-5 (Fractions), 6-7 (RP), 8 - Algebra (Functions)

  • Science: 6-8

What does the new 2020 model mean for Content Coaches, Grade Leads, & Managing Grade Leads?

  • We are excited to provide updated training for all Content Coaches, Grade Leads, & Managing Grade Leads for 2020. This training will be mandatory in order to facilitate and coach for Standards Bootcamp in the summer of 2020.