Tennessee InstructUP Meetings

Formerly called Network Meetings, our newly named InstructUP meetings give leaders across district lines the chance to collaborate and learn together on key topics.

This is a free event, and your system is invited to send two representatives to the InstructUP meeting.

The New Science Standards Are Coming! Is Your System Ready?

The April meeting will focus on best practices and resources to ready teachers and students for the new, rigorous science standards.

InstructUP: Science Learning Goals

  • Deepen understanding of academic rigor in science through observing a model lesson
  • Gain additional perspective and tools to support school- and system-level implementation of the new science standards
  • Stay in the know about instructional resources, research, and promising practices

APRIL InstructUP Meetings

  • West Tennessee
    • April 9, Trenton Special School District, 9:00am-2:00pm CT
  • East/Middle Tennessee
    • April 11, Campbell County, 9:00am-2:00pm ET