What We Do

We work side by side with teachers and leaders to improve the quality of instruction in core academics. We don’t lecture or push programs. Instead, we use a tailored, collaborative process to strengthen content, teaching and student engagement.

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District & School Partnership

We partner with districts and schools to address two key questions: 1) “Are we challenging our students with the right content?” and 2) “Are kids learning what we’re teaching?” Based on these answers, we help our partners pick and pursue the right path for improvement, measure the results, and build on them. We specialize in smaller school districts, which may have limited capacity but can make big changes – fast.


We provide teachers and leaders practical support and the opportunity to connect with other educators working on similar challenges. We know how much teachers benefit from ongoing, grade- and subject-specific collaboration - like 4th grade math teachers all using the same curriculum, or middle school principals all working to strengthen literacy - but many schools don’t have the numbers to get this specific. With a blend of in-person and virtual structures, we provide training and support for teachers, coaches, principals and system academic leaders across district lines.

The Results

District leaders, principals, and teachers say that our approach has helped them achieve goals they’ve known were possible but lacked the strategies to reach. The results go beyond just higher test scores. Schools and districts that have partnered with us say they have seen major improvements in student and staff engagement. Over 18 months, the percent of positive lessons in our partner schools has climbed from 12 percent to 30 percent. And our partners find relief and hope as they get help with their hardest instructional challenges. 87% of partners recommend us to their colleagues.