By Emily Freitag

Nine months ago we launched the Rethinking Intervention project, with the aim of learning from experts and practitioners what drives and challenges intervention. What started as a small project became a survey course in what we know about how students learn and a perspective-changing series of conversations for me as an educator, a leader, a parent, and a person.

I spoke with 40 researchers, teachers, leaders, and content experts. Each conversation gave me tremendous hope about what we know and how much wisdom we have in our collective community. Now, after stepping back and deeply processing these conversations, I’m excited to announce the launch of a NEW series of short videos built around the key themes.

Over the course of the series we’ll share highlights from our conversations, organized around these six key takeaways:

  1. Relationships and learning are inseparably connected.
  2. What teachers expect of their students influences what students expect of themselves.
  3. Students engage and learn best from work that is challenging, relevant to their lives, and helps them understand and impact the world.
  4. Moving forward into new content with support will advance learning more than stopping and going back.
  5. Even a great plan will not work for all students; continuously monitoring, understanding, and meeting needs will.
  6. The way teachers support students mirrors the way leaders support teachers.

Each week we’ll release a new video focused on one of the takeaways. I hope you’ll come away inspired by all we know and energized to focus on what we can do, one step at a time, together.