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Strengthen leadership; strengthen instruction

School and system leaders want nothing more than to support their teachers and to see their students succeed and thrive, but they are often given little actionable guidance on how to best support teachers in meeting students’ needs, especially while balancing many other responsibilities.

Leaders shouldn’t have to figure out how to best support teachers and students alone. Instruction Partners works alongside leaders to help them get clear on how they can meaningfully improve support for teachers—and learning outcomes for all students.

We are your partners in
instructional leadership.

After working alongside hundreds of school leaders to improve teaching and learning, we’ve identified three instructional leadership practices that are critical to ensuring that teachers get the support they need—and all students get the most from their teachers’ instruction:

Adopt and implement high-quality instructional materials

Facilitate effective professional learning connected to content and materials

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Support data routines that help teachers understand and meet learning needs

Implementing these three practices is complicated work—it requires aligning materials, PL, and data while supporting conditions for continuous improvement. And, because it is not possible to support teaching without attending to what is being taught, leaders must support these practices in ways that reflect the specifics of each content discipline.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with leadership teams each step of the way to implement and continuously improve the instructional leadership practices in early literacy, ELA, math, and science.

We help strengthen instructional leadership practices at every level of K–12 education.

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School and system partnerships

Our local teams look through a content-specific lens at the current state of instruction, develop goals, and put in place practical plans for improvement.

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Regional and state partnerships

We provide deep support for regional service units and state education agencies, from high-level strategy and planning to capacity building.

If you’re looking for a partner that’s going to be a part of your school family and believe that all kids can learn, Instruction Partners is definitely a partnership you should invest in.

This is exactly what we need. We need to know what questions to ask to get to the right answers—you have the national perspective, and we need thought partners like you right now.

Instruction Partners is set apart by their relationship building. They are there for us whenever we need them. They build upon our strengths and listen to our voice. They don’t tell us what to do, they work with us to build our capacity.

David McGuire
Principal, Tindley Accelerated Schools, Indiana
Dr. Norma Gerrell
Superintendent, Paris Special School District, Tennessee
Dana Carter
Principal, Gladstone Elementary, Missouri

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