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State and Regional Partnerships




As a nonprofit organization, we’ve spent the last five years working with state education agencies (SEAs) and regional centers to drive improvement through stronger instruction, high-quality instructional materials, and aligned professional learning.

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Working shoulder to shoulder with SEAs to strengthen conditions for instructional leadership

SEAs are tasked with meeting diverse needs across regions, local education agencies (LEAs), and even classrooms. We help SEAs position themselves to meet these ever-changing needs by establishing a solid foundation of instructional support. Together, we strengthen key conditions for strong instructional leadership across a state:

  1. Training for leaders on a vision of excellent content instruction for early literacy, ELA, math, and science
  2. Clear guidance for districts on best practices for implementing high-quality instructional materials (HQIM)—anchored in the Curriculum Support Guide  
  3. A model for effective professional learning (PL), as well as training for LEA and school leaders on how to provide that PL—anchored in the Professional Learning Conditions and Practices
  4. Coherence across intervention systems and/or school improvement structures, HQIM, and PL


Reach out to discuss how we can build a partnership to meet your state’s unique needs. 

Phyllis Lynch
Director of Instruction, Assessment, and Curriculum, Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE)
Instruction Partners has been an outstanding partner both in terms of the expertise they bring to supporting district leaders in leading curriculum implementation and their collaborative approach to working with us.

Train to sustain: Building the capacity of regional centers to scale improvement

We provide regional centers with a replicable, continuous improvement model for supporting teaching and learning. We call these “Train to Sustain” partnerships because we ensure that our regional center partners receive the training and resources they need to sustain strong instructional leadership in their regions.

Working alongside regional center leaders, we help LEA and school leaders strengthen supports for effective grade-level instruction, including:

  • A content-specific vision of excellent instruction
  • Protocols for unit internalization and lesson preparation
  • Teacher observations, feedback, and coaching


Reach out to learn how we can build a Train to Sustain model for your state or regional center.

The Math Acceleration Project

Scaling K–8 math success in Nebraska

We teamed up with regional centers in Nebraska to support districts adopting and implementing HQIM in K–8 math. In 2020–21, 50.86% of students on average in Math Acceleration schools were proficient or above in math. In 2021–22, that number grew to 58.33%—growing 7.47 percentage points after just one year of partnership.

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Materials matter in Ohio

We teamed up with the Ohio Department of Education to provide clear guidance and effective support for LEAs adopting and implementing high-quality materials. 

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