Just released: Professional Learning Conditions and Practices

State Partnerships

States have significant influence and play a critical role in helping school systems understand and provide guidance on priorities; orient towards the right goals; organize action and continuous improvement; and marshall resources to provide prioritized support.

Instruction Partners supports end-to-end, shoulder-to-shoulder support for state education agencies, from strategy and planning through implementation and continuous improvement. We leverage what we learn from partners to inform our work with states, surfacing and sharing best practices, important research, and key resources with our larger partner community.

We work closely with state education agency leaders to:

  • Determine priorities and key actions
  • Design custom tools, guidance, and materials
  • Ensure alignment on goals
  • Continuously reassess and adapt the plan based on implementation data and evolving needs

Internal capacity-building for recovery plans 

We help train staff on the key components of your reentry and recovery plans and available resources, helping teams anticipate critical moments, providing opportunities for teams to practice using your state’s guidance and tools with school systems, and enabling regional and state teams to provide turnkey guidance and support to school systems. 

Support for school systems on implementing state plans and guidance

School system leaders need support with navigating reentry and recovery while meeting the needs of students, teachers, and communities. We add capacity to state teams, offering an extra set of helping hands to deliver local and regional training on your state’s plan. Working directly with leadership teams through cycles of improvement to observe teaching and learning, we help create a practical plan for improvement, develop teacher and leader capacity to carry out the plan, and support follow-through. 

Side-by-side coaching

Through side-by-side coaching, we build state and regional teams’ capacity to support school systems, and we leverage the work we observe in action to adapt and customize our support. 

Communities of practice

Our communities of practice provide district leaders a forum to focus on implementation and improvement. We help leaders use data and best practices from the field to develop, progress monitor, and revise instructional and operational plans, as well as to build strategies and structures for accelerating learning.

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