What is Instruction Partners?

At Instruction Partners, we know that every student holds extraordinary promise and the world needs their best. We know challenging, supportive daily instruction is key to preparing students for successful, rewarding lives. We know teachers and leaders pour themselves into efforts to improve learning and are hungry for help so they can serve their students even better. We provide on-the-ground partnership and practical support so we can get better, faster, together.

“[Instruction Partners] is that shoulder partner, that collaborative partner that really understands our needs. And it’s not a one-size-fits-all model. It’s intensified our focus. The big changes that we’ve seen are our teachers are teaching at a much more challenging level, providing deeper and more complex challenges and our students are responding to that.”

- Jerry Boyd, Director of Putnam County Schools

District & School Partnership

We partner with districts and schools to address two key questions: 1) "Are we challenging our students with the right content?" and 2) "Are kids learning what we're teaching?" We observe classrooms, review student work, share trends and then help leaders pick and pursue the right path for improvement, follow the results, and build on them. We specialize in smaller school districts, which may have limited capacity but can make big changes – fast. 

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Teacher & Leader Support

We provide educators practical support and the opportunity to connect with other educators working on similar challenges. With a blend of in-person and virtual structures, we provide training and support opportunities for teachers, coaches, principals and system academic leaders across district lines.

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