Featured resource: The Early Literacy Playbook

Tools for supporting, planning, and delivering great instruction

Instruction Partners freely creates, curates, and distributes research, guidance, and tools aimed at supporting the most effective leadership strategies for improving teaching and student learning.


Professional Learning Conditions and Practices

Detailed action plans, rubrics, and guidance to help leaders strengthen two essential PL structures: 1) collaborative planning and 2) observation and feedback

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Curriculum Support Guide

A straightforward example of what systems can do to improve instruction and achievement by selecting, launching, and supporting high-quality curriculum, detailing what it means and what it takes to successfully implement exceptional materials (For CKLA-specific guidance, go here.)

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Early Literacy Playbook

Step-by-step guidance and ready-to-use tools for strengthening and monitoring early literacy across a school or system


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Addressing Unfinished Learning toolkit

Practical, proven, content-specific resources for instructional leadership teams

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Science leadership

Tools for establishing, sharing, and progressing toward a vision for high-quality teaching and learning.

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Rethinking Intervention

6 Big Takeaways

Engaging conversations with education leaders, researchers, and practitioners about what we know accelerates student learning

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Elementary classroom

Classroom Observation Tools

Tools describing standards-aligned content, teacher actions, and student engagement indicative of excellent teaching and learning

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Professional Learning Rubrics

Rubrics to inform a vision for effective PL, describe the current reality within PL structures, and identify areas of strength and growth

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Supporting Early Literacy for Multilingual Learners

Resources for supporting multilingual learners’ progress towards reading proficiency in K–2

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Our favorite content resources

A list of some of our favorite ELA, math, and science resources from leading education organizations

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Our favorite resources for supporting multilingual learners

A list of some of our favorite free and practical resources for supporting multilingual learners

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Relationships and connections

Resources for gathering and acting on data that gets at the perspectives and experiences of students, families, and staff, as well as compiled research on trauma-informed and social-emotional learning

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Lesson preparation and internalization

Support and resources for addressing unfinished learning, lesson internalization protocols, as well as curriculum-specific reference guides for Expeditionary Learning, Guidebooks, and Illustrative Mathematics

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