Just released: Continuous Improvement Toolkit 

Resources for instruction, distance learning, and recovery

Only by learning from each other will we find a way to support our students. As part of our commitment to scale high-quality teaching practices proven to move the needle on outcomes, Instruction Partners freely creates, curates, and distributes knowledge, research, and tools that are practical and realistic rather than theoretical. 

Continuous Improvement Toolkit

Get organized, make a plan, and take action

This toolkit provides practical tools, templates, and recommendations for keeping students engaged in meaningful learning, whether they are learning in a classroom or at home.

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Curriculum Support Guide

Translate great materials into great instruction

Our Curriculum Support Guide offers a straightforward example of what systems can do to improve instruction and achievement by selecting, launching, and supporting high-quality curriculum, detailing what it means and what it takes to successfully implement exceptional materials.

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Distance Learning Support

Content-agnostic and content-specific distance learning guidance and best practices, as well as considerations for virtual teaching platforms and structures.

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Vision Setting

Resources for naming or revising your aspirations for this school year, and guidance for how to step back and reflect on your current progress.

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Student Attendance

Resources for ensuring that students are fully present in school each day, regardless of what school looks like.

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Relationships and Connections

Resources for gathering and acting on data that gets at the perspectives and experiences of students, families, and staff, as well as compiled research on trauma-informed and social-emotional learning.

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Professional Learning and Coaching

Resources for teacher observation, teacher feedback, teacher coaching, and professional learning communities.

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Resources for content prioritization, as well as curriculum-agnostic and curriculum-specific guidance for scope, sequence, and pacing.

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Lesson Preparation and Internalization

Support and resources for addressing unfinished learning, lesson internalization protocols, as well as curriculum-specific reference guides for Expeditionary Learning, Guidebooks, and Illustrative Mathematics.

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