Aldine ISD, a large school district in Houston, Texas, launched the Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) Demonstration School program in 2019 to provide targeted support for two underperforming elementary schools: Goodman and Worsham. 

In 2020, the two elementary schools engaged Instruction Partners to support their vision of excellent instruction. Working collaboratively over a span of four years, the Instruction Partners team built the capacity of ACE leaders to support teachers with effective coaching and instructional planning grounded in high-quality curricula.

After four years of partnership, Goodman and Worsham not only exceeded the district’s average growth in ELA and math but they each improved their state accountability rating from an F to a B. In 2022 (the last year for which school-level data is available), the percent of students that tested at “meets grade level or above on” on the state assessment nearly doubled from the previous year.

Check out the case study and short video below to learn how the Goodman and Worsham school communities achieved these remarkable outcomes.

I can honestly say that the culture of the school is one of academic excellence now. … Our students are not just doing well, but they are growing.