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[Recorded webinar] How Leaders Can Support Grade-Level Learning

Staying on track

This webinar explores how school and district leaders can help set teachers and students up for success with grade-level content. 

With student proficiency scores across the country lagging behind pre-pandemic levels, teachers are facing increased pressure to accelerate teaching and learning—that is, to keep pace with grade-level curriculum materials while addressing unfinished learning from prior grades. 

This webinar presents leadership strategies for supporting accelerated learning, including:

  • identifying the priority content within each grade level;
  • creating realistic pacing guidance that includes built-in time for addressing unfinished learning; and
  • putting in place ongoing professional learning opportunities that support a nuanced understanding of the prerequisite skills and knowledge students need to access grade-level content.  

These strategies can empower teachers to deliver grade-level instruction without sacrificing rigor or leaving out important content—ensuring that students have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in future grades. 

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