School & District Partnerships

We partner with districts and schools to address two key questions: 1) "Are we challenging our students with the right content?" and 2) "Are kids learning what we're teaching?"

Based on the answers, we help our partners understand the options for action, pick the right path for their specific needs, and pursue it. We then help them follow the impact and build on it over time. We specialize in smaller school districts, which may have limited capacity but can make big changes – fast.

If you’re interested in bringing Instruction Partners to your district or state, contact us for more information.

Our partnerships include:

Cycles of walkthroughs, planning and support: 

We always start with getting a sense of the state of instruction alongside our partners and identifying paths forward to improving instruction. Together, we identify the right path for improvement based on your unique challenges and opportunities. Then, we follow up to assess whether change has occurred and adjust plans accordingly. Cycles include: 

  • School and district intake conversations
  • Walkthroughs
  • School and district debriefs
  • Principal and district check-ins
  • School and district strategy planning
  • Follow-up walkthroughs
  • Follow-up planning

This also serves as professional development for leaders and comes with trend reports on ELA and math instruction.

Implementation Options:

Depending on the specific needs and plans of a school and district, we have a variety of options for supporting implementation. Examples include:

  • PLC facilitation
  • On-site PD delivery
  • Coaching and preparation for PLC and PD facilitators
  • Teacher feedback and coaching
  • Coaching and support for teacher supporters
  • Progress monitoring system design
  • Data analysis

We can do this in ELA or math, in individual schools and across multiple schools. We can repeat the cycle multiple times in a year.